Genucel Cost: Don’t Be Surprised By These Continuing “Deals”

Update: to find out more about the prices of various Genucel-branded product lines (such as the original stem-cel anti-aging cream and the jawline treatment), visit this page:

Genucel costs $139.95 + $8.95 S & H. But…there’s more: we’ll tell you everything you get when you place your order of Genucel.

Genucel Cost Breakdown: As stated above, when you place your order, you’re getting a 2-month supply for a total of $148.90. (NJ residents have to pay an additional state tax.)

That’s a savings of over 50{123071e0f692daeaf8a479dac60bd3828a6afd9f942cbce7fd15e7124b19377c} on the list price of Genucel.

But there’s another thing that you should be aware of: after your introductory 2-month supply, you’ll receive another 2-month supply for the same price. And you’ll continue to do so until you cancel. To customize or cancel your order, you can call 1 (800) 754-6211 or email

So basically, once you place your first order, you can continue to receive a new 2-month supply 6 times a year.

When You Place Your Order of Genucel, Here’s What You Get:

  1. 2 tubes of the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy
  2. The Deep Firming Serum (DFS)
  3. Esotique-RF with Matrixyl
  4. L’essence Advanced Neck Treatment

Here’s a description of each of the components of your order:

Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy

This is the key component of what you’ll receive. It’s based on cutting-edge plant stem cell research, and you can see results in as little as 12 hours.*

Our home page is dedicated to a detailed description of Genucel.

The DFS (Deep Firming Serum)

Whereas Genucel works around the eyes, Chamonix’ DFS works around the rest of your face.

It helps create younger-looking skin via it’s Liposome Technology, which delivers vitamin C (its active ingredient) at a 7.5{123071e0f692daeaf8a479dac60bd3828a6afd9f942cbce7fd15e7124b19377c} concentration to the deepest layer of the skin(the dermis).

Unlike other serums, the Deep Firming Serum has no water content, so it doesn’t break down like other vitamin C-based products.

It helps treat wrinkles, fine lines, free radical damage, and puffiness.

Esotique RF

Esotique-RF with Matrixyl is Chamonix’ best-selling anti-wrinkle treatment.

The key ingredient (Matrixyl), helps smooth out wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid holds 100 times it’s weight in water. This means that it helps your skin cells retain moister, leading to healthy, more youthful skin.

Esotique is just one of the products you get with your order of Genucel.

*When used with Genucel Immediate Effects.

L’essence Advanced Neck Treatment

Containing green tea and Vitamin C, L’essence helps tighten delicate skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

It contains extracts of green tea leaf (which is a powerful anti-oxidant), safflower oils, and aloe leaf juice.

L’essence is used by applying it generously to the neck.

Click here to place your order of Genucel.

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