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Genucel Cost: Don’t Be Surprised By These Continuing “Deals”

Update: to find out more about the prices of various Genucel-branded product lines (such as the original stem-cel anti-aging cream and the jawline treatment), visit this page:

Genucel costs $139.95 + $8.95 S & H. But…there’s more: we’ll tell you everything you get when you place your order of Genucel.

Genucel Cost Breakdown: As stated above, when you place your order, you’re getting a 2-month supply for a total of $148.90. (NJ residents have to pay an additional state tax.)

That’s a savings of over 50{123071e0f692daeaf8a479dac60bd3828a6afd9f942cbce7fd15e7124b19377c} on the list price of Genucel.

But there’s another thing that you should be aware of: after your introductory 2-month supply, you’ll receive another 2-month supply for the same price. And you’ll continue to do so until you cancel. To customize or cancel your order, you can call 1 (800) 754-6211 or email

So basically, once you place your first order, you can continue to receive a new 2-month supply 6 times a year.

When You Place Your Order of Genucel, Here’s What You Get:

  1. 2 tubes of the Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy
  2. The Deep Firming Serum (DFS)
  3. Esotique-RF with Matrixyl
  4. L’essence Advanced Neck Treatment

Here’s a description of each of the components of your order:

Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Therapy

This is the key component of what you’ll receive. It’s based on cutting-edge plant stem cell research, and you can see results in as little as 12 hours.*

Our home page is dedicated to a detailed description of Genucel.

The DFS (Deep Firming Serum)

Whereas Genucel works around the eyes, Chamonix’ DFS works around the rest of your face.

It helps create younger-looking skin via it’s Liposome Technology, which delivers vitamin C (its active ingredient) at a 7.5{123071e0f692daeaf8a479dac60bd3828a6afd9f942cbce7fd15e7124b19377c} concentration to the deepest layer of the skin(the dermis).

Unlike other serums, the Deep Firming Serum has no water content, so it doesn’t break down like other vitamin C-based products.

It helps treat wrinkles, fine lines, free radical damage, and puffiness.

Esotique RF

Esotique-RF with Matrixyl is Chamonix’ best-selling anti-wrinkle treatment.

The key ingredient (Matrixyl), helps smooth out wrinkles.

Hyaluronic Acid holds 100 times it’s weight in water. This means that it helps your skin cells retain moister, leading to healthy, more youthful skin.

Esotique is just one of the products you get with your order of Genucel.

*When used with Genucel Immediate Effects.

L’essence Advanced Neck Treatment

Containing green tea and Vitamin C, L’essence helps tighten delicate skin, leaving it feeling silky and smooth.

It contains extracts of green tea leaf (which is a powerful anti-oxidant), safflower oils, and aloe leaf juice.

L’essence is used by applying it generously to the neck.

Click here to place your order of Genucel.

Where To Buy Genucel: Official Affiliate Site

If you’re looking for where to buy Genucel, you can get your order of the plant stem cell eye cream treatment here, through this official affiliate site.

Click here to buy the Genucel plant stem cell eye care treatment system

Genucel is a plant stem cell eye cream that is an intensive new treatment for reducing the appearance of bags and puffiness. The cream is manufactured by Chamonix, a well-known skincare company. Clinical tests conducted in the recent past confirm that the cream is helpful in reducing the appearance of eye wrinkles, cushioning of the skin near the eyes and folds in the eyelids. The cream also leaves the skin smooth, glowing and healthy.

In the study, over 70{123071e0f692daeaf8a479dac60bd3828a6afd9f942cbce7fd15e7124b19377c} of the participants were able to get positive results within 15 days of regular usage while the percentage went past 95 by the end of the same.

Where to Buy Genucel

This brings us to the question that what are the places that are offering Genucel treatment. The value of the question can be understood by the fact that a number of retailers are selling the product on various online platforms; however, most of them are Fake. Buy from any of these and you might end up losing money and not receiving a product at all.

The company Chamonix is selling the eye cream through both it’s official website , and this one, The company is also offering a few freebies with the same as a part of initial launch offer along with a detailed report of the clinical study on the treatment. Buyers also get a 100 percent money back offer. In case they are not happy with the results, the entire amount would be refunded.

To buy the Genucel plant stem cell eye cream online, the customers just have to fill the basic details such as their name, e-mail address, permanent address and phone number in a form present on the website. Payments can be made by credit card via a secured network.
The free treatments on offer include L’essence Advanced Neck Treatment and Esotique-RF with Matrixyl. The product costs $139.95 including the shipping and handling charges.

In addition, like most other Chamonix products, you are automatically enrolled with the company’s autoship program. With this autoship program, the customer will continue receiving the two tubes of Genucel every two months.

As the customer, you may cancel the autoship program anytime as per your needs and preferences. The company is also offering a four-month refund policy on the same.

Click the image below to discover what you get when you buy Genucel

Click here to buy the Genucel plant stem cell eye care treatment system

How To Choose A Good Eye Cream: 6 Criteria To Consider

We have a number of eye and facial products you may wish to consider. Please visit for information.

Choosing the best eye cream can be a painstaking process. Here are 6 criteria to consider when finding the right cream.

Eye creamWith age, the skin under eyes gets wrinkled and puffy due to lack of care. The area under the eye is extremely sensitive and requires utmost care. Carelessness can cause a number of issues like puffiness, dry patches, wrinkles and dark circles. In order to protect the skin from the age effects, you need to select the best eye cream that can avoid or treat the conditions without resulting in any kind of side effect.

Here are 6 criteria that you must keep in mind while buying an effective eye cream:

1. Moisture Content

Moisturiser is very important for improving the skin elasticity and making it shiner. Skin dryness can cause fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes. Applying a eye cream with high moisture content is helpful in decreasing the negative effects of dry skin.

2. Ingredients

You must check the ingredients that are used in making the eye cream. A perfect eye cream must contain ingredients like water (aqua), acetyl tetrapeptide, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, butylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben and isobutylparaben. Water is ideal for hydrating the skin from inside. The other names mentioned above are effective for overall health of the skin.

3. Should Not Contain Strong Chemicals

Many companies use strong chemicals in order to make their products more effective. You need to avoid such product as they are very harmful for skin and can cause a lot of skin problems like irritation and dryness.

4. Reviews

You can take the help of online reviews submitted by many others users of the product on the internet. It will give you a fair idea about the effects of the product and the number of people finding the same the right alternative as per their needs.

5. Reputation of the Company

The point is very important and must not be ignored under any circumstances. You should check about the company, its history and contribution in market.

6. Price

While buying an effective eye cream, you should also check the price. You can compare the prices of different creams in market and decide the best one that fits your budget well.
Eyeseryl is presenting a perfect solution for people to treat puffiness and bags under the eyes. The company is offering a high quality cream called Genucel at affordable prices.

It has all the important ingredients and water to give the customers effective treatment for their wrinkled, dry, and baggy skin under the eye area.

“Does Genucel Work?” (And 3 Other Things to Know)

Does Genucel work? Yes, due to the latest plant stem cell research, Genucel does work. Plus, here are 3 other things you should know about Genucel.

Now that you know how Genucel works to reduce wrinkles, bags, and puffiness, how do you know if it’s the right one for you?

Here are some other things you should know about Genucel and how to pick the right eye cream for you:

1. Value for your dollar: Eye creams can be expensive. However, some companies, like Chamonix, give you bonuses when you invest in your eyes. For example, you might get a complimentary product that goes well with your new cream. In today’s economy, it’s understandable that women always want a product that is suitable for their skin and fits their budget well.

2. Side Effects: No common side effects found. This is one of the more important things to consider. The concept of side effects doesn’t just apply to foods and medications. In fact, the skin is very absorbent, and it’s the largest organ in your body.

That’s why it’s important to know whether the ingredients in your chosen product are clinically tested to be safe.

Here’s a list of Genucel’s ingredients:


Algae Extract

Hydrolyzed (Marine) Collagen

Green Tea Leaf

Goji Berry Extract

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica plant stem cells

Let us look at each of them in detail.


Eyeseryl is very effective to reduce the puffiness, wrinkles and dark circles under the eyes. The product is completely natural and is not known to have any side effects.

Algae Extract

The Algae Extract is very effective to reduce skin inflammation like irritation, swelling, redness and tenderness among others.

Hydrolyzed (Marine) Collagen

Hydrolyzed (Marine) Collagen give a younger look to the skin by providing smoothness and moisturizing the same. It also helps in skin firming as well.

Green Tea Leaf

Green Tea Leaf Extract is again completely natural and known to improve the skin by removing dryness and rashes. It provides freshness to the skin.

Goji Berry Extract

Goji Berry Extract provides heeling to the skin and has anti aging potentials. It provides strength for the skin to regenerate itself and look healthy and smooth.

PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica Plant Stem Cells

PhytoCellTec™Malus Domestica plant stem cells are very efficient to maintain the longevity of skin cells.

So, the ingredients are all natural and do not have any kind of side effects. In addition, they are known to improve the skin in one way or the other. Genucel, composed of these effective ingredients, is likely to provide the desired results. A few scientific studies conducted during the short span of existence of the cream also confirm the same.

It’s also important to know that Genucel is a product by Chamonix, which has a solid reputation for creating health-related products that work.

3. Chamonix also has a 4-month money-back guarantee.

To learn more about Genucel, be sure to visit the home page of this site.

Genucel Reviews: “How Come I Can’t Find Any Reviews?”

Looking for Genucel reviews, but can’t seem to find any? That’s because Genucel’s still a new product. However, this investigative report reveals all.

In this article, we’ll tell you:

1. Causes of Wrinkles, Bags, and Puffiness Around The Eyes

2. What Genucel Is

3. Genucel’s Ingredients

4. Clinical Testing

5. Genucel’s Negatives

6. Positives of The Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Cream, And What Your Eyes Can Look Forward To

7. Gifts For Women Who Invest In Their Beauty

8. Chamonix’ 4-Month Money Back Guarantee

9. The Verdict

Causes of Wrinkles, Bags, and Puffiness Around The Eyes

Experts confirm that as women mature, wrinkles and cushioning of the skin starts around their eyes. Allergies and dryness in the skin are also responsible for puffiness. Heredity issues can also lead to the same causing the onset at a much younger age.

Inflammation is also among one of those factors responsible for eyes wrinkles, puffiness and bags.

Soft skin is more likely to end up with puffiness.

What Genucel Is

Genucel, a plant stem cell eye cream by Chamonix, is making waves and attracting millions of users from across the world. Genucel eye cream is an intensive treatment for reducing bags and puffiness from the eyes.

The cream helps to improve the eye appearance by reducing wrinkles, bags and puffiness, among other skin issues. Due to age factor, the skin loses its elasticity and start accumulating around the eyes.

It’s imperative to start treatment when the wrinkles are about to begin cushioning around the eyes. This is the time when skin around the eyes starts getting weaker resulting in folds in the area. Genucel cream is very efficient when it comes to controlling the appearance of wrinkles, bags and puffiness in the early as well as matured stage.

That’s important to know because most other eye creams don’t work beyond the early stages of wrinkles and puffiness.

Genucel’s Ingredients

The cream Genucel is made by Chamonix, a skincare company that provide creams for skin treatments. It is made using Eyeseryl, Algae Extract, Hydrolyzed (Marine) Collagen, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Goji Berry Extract and PhytoCellTec™ Malus Domestica plant stem cells.

Hydrolyzed (Marine) Collagen gives younger look to the skin, help in skin firming, retaining smoothness and moisture in the skin. Green Tea Leaf Extract helps to reduce the side effects related to allergy and dryness and Goji Berry Extract is known for its anti-aging potential that aids the skin to heal and regenerate itself.

Clinical Testing (No Animal Testing)

Clinical tests carried out in the recent past show the cream to be effective against the appearance of wrinkles, bags and puffiness that accumulate around the eyes and result from above. In the first fifteen days of testing, 70{123071e0f692daeaf8a479dac60bd3828a6afd9f942cbce7fd15e7124b19377c} of the participants saw tremendous improvements in the puffiness.

To learn more about the plant stem cell studies and research that have gone into formulating Genucel, click here to visit the official site. There, you can download a pdf that shows you more.

By the end of the testing, 95{123071e0f692daeaf8a479dac60bd3828a6afd9f942cbce7fd15e7124b19377c} of the participants saw the improvements in skin condition.

However, the question that remains is whether the product really worth the money.

It is really able to live up to the hype around it?

We took upon the challenge to test the cream ourselves and here are the findings.

Genucel’s Negatives

While using the product, we did felt that even if the product has clinical studies to support its claims, the fact remains that it is a new product and reviews of actual consumers are still not present on the internet for others to go through and make a decision.

Positives of The Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Cream, And What Your Eyes Can Look Forward To

Natural Ingredients: The cream is made by using natural extracts or ingredients. The same has resulted in the product being totally chemical free with no known associated side effects.

The natural ingredients used in the preparation of the cream have been used to improve the quality of skin since ages in different areas across the globe.

The ingredients of the cream defend the skin from harmful effects thereby providing youthful looks and maintaining the vitality as well.

Gifts For Women Who Invest In Their Beauty

The company is offering a couple of additional free gifts to the buyer of the cream as a part of their launch offer. The free gifts include:

  1. L’essence with Vitamin C Advanced Neck Treatment and,
  2. Esotique-RF with Matrixyl

L’essence with Vitamin C Advanced Neck Treatment

L'Essence from ChamonixThe cream is another popular offering by the company and consists of Virtamin C and green tea extracts. The treatment is effective in tightening the skin on the neck and smoothing the same.


Esotique-RF with Matrixyl

Esotique-RF from ChamonixThe Esotique-RF is one of the most natural and effective wrinkle treatment worldwide.

4-Month Money Back Guarantee Offered By Chamonix

Chamonix is selling the Genucel cream with a four months refund policy. If women do not find the product effective, entire money spent on purchasing the same would be refunded.




To reduce the cushioning and puffiness in eyes, the cream should be applied twice in a day, once in morning and once at night.

Genucel Reviews: The Verdict

The cream does has a lot of benefits related to it including natural ingredients and effective results in clinical studies among others. It is only a matter of time before the product emerges as a preferred alternative for treating bags and puffiness under the eyes.

We hope this Genucel reviews report has been instrumental in helping you make an informed decision.

To order Genucel, just click the image below:

Click here to order genucel and get your free gifts