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If you’re looking for where to buy Genucel, you can get your order of the plant stem cell eye cream treatment here, through this official affiliate site.

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Genucel is a plant stem cell eye cream that is an intensive new treatment for reducing the appearance of bags and puffiness. The cream is manufactured by Chamonix, a well-known skincare company. Clinical tests conducted in the recent past confirm that the cream is helpful in reducing the appearance of eye wrinkles, cushioning of the skin near the eyes and folds in the eyelids. The cream also leaves the skin smooth, glowing and healthy.

In the study, over 70{123071e0f692daeaf8a479dac60bd3828a6afd9f942cbce7fd15e7124b19377c} of the participants were able to get positive results within 15 days of regular usage while the percentage went past 95 by the end of the same.

Where to Buy Genucel

This brings us to the question that what are the places that are offering Genucel treatment. The value of the question can be understood by the fact that a number of retailers are selling the product on various online platforms; however, most of them are Fake. Buy from any of these and you might end up losing money and not receiving a product at all.

The company Chamonix is selling the eye cream through both it’s official website , and this one, Genucel.org. The company is also offering a few freebies with the same as a part of initial launch offer along with a detailed report of the clinical study on the treatment. Buyers also get a 100 percent money back offer. In case they are not happy with the results, the entire amount would be refunded.

To buy the Genucel plant stem cell eye cream online, the customers just have to fill the basic details such as their name, e-mail address, permanent address and phone number in a form present on the website. Payments can be made by credit card via a secured network.
The free treatments on offer include L’essence Advanced Neck Treatment and Esotique-RF with Matrixyl. The product costs $139.95 including the shipping and handling charges.

In addition, like most other Chamonix products, you are automatically enrolled with the company’s autoship program. With this autoship program, the customer will continue receiving the two tubes of Genucel every two months.

As the customer, you may cancel the autoship program anytime as per your needs and preferences. The company is also offering a four-month refund policy on the same.

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Click here to buy the Genucel plant stem cell eye care treatment system