Genucel®: The 12-Hour Eye Cream – Special Offer

Chamonix Genucel is the skin care product with dramatic effects. Discover how Genucel works and how to order your special offer.

Genucel Plant Stem Cell Eye Treatment

The first signs of aging oftentimes occur around the eye. You may have luscious lips and a firm-looking skin, but when those crow’s feet show, there’s no way that you can hide your true age.

What do you do? Quite frankly, there are many, many products out there that claim to help you look younger.

Did you ever notice that most of the products you’ve tried are just different mixes of the same 7 ingredients?  Why waste your time on cosmetics that don’t actually help you?

If you’re looking for more practical ways to look young, and want to actually try something different, then we’d like to invite you to try Genucel.

What is this and how can this help you? To make an educated purchase, you definitely should get to know this product more. Know what the manufacturer is all about and what the customers have said.

When you’ve weighed the pros and cons, you’ll see if this is worth purchasing.

What Is Genucel?

genucel-eyeserylGenucel is made by Chamonix, a company whose main goal is to provide people with the ultimate skin care treatment that’s backed by scientific research and numerous studies.

There are products out there that make thousands of claims, but are these claims real? You spend a good amount of money for these only to be disappointed with the outcome in the end. So, you end up with a shelf full of this product line, and all of which, you’ll never use.

This is what you call an ultimate waste of money. Genucel, on the other hand, is backed by positive reviews. Those who’ve tried it swear by it. This anti-wrinkle cream is actually reasonably priced, which may come as a shock to many of you because after all, plant stem cell treatments don’t usually come cheap.

In fact, Chamonix is so confident that their line works that they offer a money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

What Does Genucel Do?

The Genucel anti-wrinkle cream has been designed to firm up the appearance of sagging skin, particularly under the eye area. It aims to reduce the appearance of puffiness, lessen the appearance of bags, and give you back that glowing skin that you once enjoyed.

Just remember that as you get older, skin loses elasticity. This is when you see fine lines and wrinkles mar the top layer of your skin. You can cover these with a variety of skincare products, but what’s more crucial right now is that you target the root cause of your problem. Superficial treatments aren’t permanent.

Genucel, on the other hand, goes to the very bottom of your aging problem. It helps reduce the amount of fat that accumulate in the bags. All you need to do is apply the formula twice daily. Pretty soon, you’ll see the wonderful results.

How Does Genucel Help Reclaim Youth?

Genucel provides intensive treatment for the appearance of bags, wrinkles, and puffiness with the help of a proprietary blend of ingredients that you won’t find anywhere else. It contains a component called PhytoCellTec Malus Dometica plant stem cells.

You can only get this from a rare species of Swiss apple. When placed on the skin, it keeps skin looking soft, smooth, and supple by retaining its vitality.

Participants using the key ingredient in Genucel saw improvement.

Genucel also contains twice the amount of concentrated materials of Eyeseryl. You don’t need to worry about its potency, because studies show that this isn’t only effective, it’s safe as well. In fact, in a recent survey conducted, a good number of the women who participated in the trial saw improvements in as little as 12 hours.*

What Are The Ingredients Used?

Genucel also contains the following blend of ingredients aside from the ones that have already been mentioned previously: algae extract, green tea leaf extract, hydrolyzed marine collagen, and goji berry to name a few. As you can see, it’s a blend of ingredients that come from Mother Nature, and as you know, nothing beats organic when it comes to health and beauty.

What Do You Get When You Purchase Genucel?

Your money goes a long, long way should you decide to purchase Genucel from its official website. You get the following at no extra cost:

L’essence with Vitamin C Advanced Neck Treatment – This is a gentle treatment that is specially formulated with green tea and Vitamin C so that you can say goodbye to the appearance of neck wrinkles as it leaves your skin feeling silky and smooth.

Esotique-RF with Matrixyl – This is made with Matrixyl, which is a protein polypentapeptide. As of today, this is actually the company’s top-selling anti-wrinkle treatment. Because its made from Matrixyl, it helps smoothen wrinkles quickly. You can expect to quickly see big improvements.

Moreover, it also contains a component called hyaluronic acid. If you’re looking for the best skincare products, you’ll see that this type of acid is still the best, especially when it comes to skin moisture. Pictured here is everything you get when you order Genucel today.

What Will You Like About Genucel?

Based on the feedback from its customers, they can attest to the fact that Genucel:

  • Does not cause irritation. In fact, it’s perfect for just about every type of skin.
  • Contains natural ingredients, particularly plant stem cells.
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee, which actually speaks highly about its quality.
  • Has been carefully researched and studied.
  • Is backed by positive feedback.
  • Comes with freebies that you’ll find useful and effective.


Should You Make The Purchase?

With the free items, money-back guarantee, and positive reviews, this product gives you value for money. It’s definitely worth trying because when it comes to aging, you need the best kind of help possible.

Click here to buy Genucel

**When used with Immediate Effects, which you get as part of your order.

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